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Small Firm Client Management System

My wife has practiced law for almost 24 years. For 23 of those years she has been on her own, most of the time as a single practicioner with no partners nor associates. She loves to practice law, but hates running an office. Every few years she "reorganizes" and trys a new system of keeping track of clients. I find most small firms hold a similar view of life.

I have finally broken down and agreed to create s simple client management system. It will a computer based system -- not big and fancy and expensive. It may not do everything those big guys down the street expect from their system, but it will accomplish all of the details my solo practicioner desires -- the kind of stuff currently found on index cards and notes stuck in files.

I hope to have this system ready in a few months so check back frequently for status. For that matter, sign up for email updates.

It is my hope to offer the system as either a desktop program or as a web based system. Vote for your choice.

Help us name the new application -- Use our Contact Form to suggest a name.